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Photos were taken by : He and She Photography


  • Pepper Lang
    Pepper Lang
    Best Man
    I have known Pepper my whole life and he is my best friend in the world. We grew up in New Mexico playing guns, dressing up like girls (his idea), and just making the most of the time we had together. I lived with Pepper after college for 2 years and it was such an amazing experience having my childhood friend as a roommate when I was an adult. If you see him at the wedding make sure to ask him why he is my best man.
  • Warren Duthie
    Warren Duthie
    Good Friend & Roommate
    I have never in my life met someone that can make me laugh like Warren and at the same time want to kill him a minute later. His humor is unmatched and very unusual. Warren and I shared a room for 2 years. We even had a bathroom with his and her sinks. I have not known Warren very long but I know he will be a life long friend. Ask Warren about his financial planning robot. It is sick!
  • Patrick Gabaldon
    Patrick Gabaldon
    High School & College Friend
    Pat was my closest friend in high school. We did everything together; soccer, basketball, track, worked at the same restaurant, and I even drove him home from school most days. Patrick would come over so much that my Dad would put him to work on chores around the house. We even roomed with each other my freshman year of college. He always has a great attitude and is so much fun to be around. I love him.
  • Jeremy Poper
    Jeremy Poper
    Oldest Brother
    I love that Jeremy is competitive. He never made it easy for us to beat him at anything. Every time I go home I realize how much of a MAN my older brother is. He knows how to do soooo much manly stuff. I am so proud of my older brother. He is the first one of my brothers to have child and he is an awesome daddy. He wont admit this but I am a way better ping pong player than him.
  • Jacob Poper
    Jacob Poper
    Middle Brother
    Jakey is the definitely the coolest one out of my brothers. He is always doing fun stuff and looking good while he is doing it. Jacob and I have always been pretty close. In high school and college I really appreciated him letting me tag around with him and his friends. He made me feel like one of the guys and never like a younger brother.
  • Garret Poper
    Garret Poper
    Youngest Brother
    Garrett is my little bigger brother. He is a whole 3" taller than me. Garrett and I have always had an interesting relationship. We shared a room growing up and lived with one another in college for a year. Probably a year after I graduated from college Garrett and I became really close with one another. Our relationship continues to grow even though we are on opposite coasts.
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  • Melissa Root
    Melissa Root
    Maid of Honor & Best Friend
    I am so honored that Melissa was able to keep her childhood promise of being in my wedding now! We currently are separated by 3 time zones but I know she will always be my best friend. Melissa is not only reliable, caring, and funny, but she is also the person that I can go days without talking to and always pick up right where we left off. She is so great and has been an amazing companion throughout all these years. I cherish our friendship and her beautiful, strong heart!
  • Stephanie Weber
    Stephanie Weber
    Good Friend & Roommate
    Stephanie is the girliest girly girl I have ever met! She is Barbie in the flesh and I enjoy being around this woman so much! I especially enjoyed living with her and transforming to her "girl" like ways. I will always remember one night accidentally dying her hair pink! She was so nice and did not mind at all, her favorite color is pink and she wore it proudly. Stephanie has killer looks and also has a loving, sensitive, warm heart to match. She's amazing inside and out and I am lucky to have her.
  • Jamie Tolles
    Jamie Tolles
    Good Friend & Roommate
    Jaime and I have a bond that will forever be cherished, especially when hearing Kings of Leon or watching the History Channel. Jaime is by far one of the most interesting girls I have ever had the pleasure of living with. She is so fun, has a great sense of humor, and a passion for knowledge. She will always be the one to get me revved up about life, religion, and politics. I will always remember celebrating the Chinese New Year with Jaime, dancing in the streets and yelling the few random Chinese sayings she taught us. One of them being "I'm not busy."
  • Bridget Poper
    Bridget Poper
    Future Sister In Law
    I first met Bridget during my first visit to NM. I probably realized how amazing she was after the second time being thrown off a jet ski at the lake. She made it look so easy and looked great doing it! Bridget has a huge, caring heart and is so giving of herself and time. She is independent, strong, and beautiful. She is an amazing woman and it has been so fun getting to know her over the years. She is hilarious and such a joy to be around. I adore Bridget and am so thankful for her!
  • Lindsay Poper
    Lindsay Poper
    Future Sister In Law
    This woman is very sweet, considerate, and welcoming. I admire and am so thankful for Lindsay and her savvy fashion sense! Even in zero degree weather she will be the cutest snow bunny on that mountain top! Lindsay is also extremely creative, giving, and is always willing to help. I have loved getting to know her and learning from her. She's so positive and fun to be around. She is also so nice to do our hair for the wedding, even though she doesn't know it yet. Thank you Lindsay! You are amazing!
  • Christine Hamilton
    Christine Hamilton
    Future Sister In Law
    I recently met Christine for the first time in Maui, HI this last summer after waiting to meet her for the past year. I was blown away by her caring and affectionate heart. She is a woman that knows what she wants in life and is pursuing it. She lives on the opposite coast and this woman is amazing and has a great heart for the Lord. You might catch her saying strange things like "What's the Craic?" She means well! Love ya lady!
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Saturday, March 26, 2011
5:30 pm


Our celebration will take place at the beautifulMarina Village Baja Room in San Diego . The address is 1936 Quivira Way | San Diego, California 92109. There is plenty of parking and it is free.

The ceremony will be at the South lawn, followed by a reception dinner and kickin' dance party at the Baja Room location right next to the ceremony site, just a short walk away.


For our out of town guests, fly into the San Diego International Airport
(airport code SAN).

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay is offering us special rates for our wedding weekend. It's a beautiful place and a great locale. The hotel is within walking distance to Marina Village or a quick 2 minute drive.

San Diego spring weather is typically mild (60s - 70s), but could get chilly once the sun goes down. The ceremony will be outside and the reception will be inside, but be sure to bring a sweater or light jacket just in case.

If you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to email us at


Bed Bath & Beyoond

Dear friends and family,

We registered. Yes, we made a couple trips to B, B & B (code: Bed, Bath and Beyond), to go through their gigantic store. At the end of our wish list marathon, we accumulated a good amount of items.

We love all of you deeply, and are so blessed that you would want to honor us with gifts to start our new life together. But we are asking in love and sincerity that you choose to bless us only from the following:

1. Use the money to get to San Diego.

Having you here with us to celebrate means more to us than spatulas or magic bullets, we promise! And let's face it, the old econ ain't exactly booming these days.

2. Visit to check out our registry. On the bridal & gift registry page, search for Jenny Hammond or Grayden Poper.

And if you do notice something on our list that you have creatively learned to do without, please give us your feedback (we are still rookies too).

All our love,

Jenny & Grayden